Looking for any Ohio RE Agents and PM's Dealing in Multi-Unit Ren

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It pains me to no end when you have the credit score, the capital, can get private secured and unsecured as well as bank loan funding that when I want to go after deals that you think may make sense and actually cash flow, every real estate agent I have tried to talk to in Ohio seems to not want to pull up and send me any of the actual specific information for any of the properties I have inquired about. When I ask a selling agent they are very vague. When i ask a buyers agent they say go ask the sellers agent. LOL, I have never ever experienced this in my life. Now, I am living in Las Vegas, and these would be OOS deals, but i think just about all investors know the Ohio market is THE market to go to for right now. And there are several deals outside of the bigger Ohio cities. Are there any Ohio RE agents here as well as PM's that would like to contact me or work with me to find at least one property to start with. Surely this should be easy to fix right or are there so many buyers that they just don't care? smh

. Just curious what are you looking for? Can you share which specific deals you were enquiring about?

we do have lots of good agents, and am sure some will post here, but may depend on the area and product type since there is some specialization. 

Well it would go something just like this: What I would like is all information like: Current and past Rental History including Rental Rates and Vacancy Rates. What utilities are included, and what utilities are not included. P&L Statements current and past, Area Comps for the property, any other item(s) the owner is paying for outside of the normal utilities as in landscaping, internet etc. A list of past Capital Expenditures what was bought, repaired or fixed and the date they took place. Is there any owner financing, are they managing this property themselves or what property management company are they using. Is this property currently being rented or are their any units that need fixing up or are any repairs or items that need to be updated. Has anyone taken any video or drone footage. What is the actual current and past property taxes and Insurance rates. Are any of the units section 8. Do you have any information on the surrounding areas, industry there etc. Why is the current owner Selling this property and do they have any more properties in their portfolio that they want to sell. 

I understand that most properties may not have all of this information, and some of it I can get myself, but any agent should be able to get me the rest of it so i can run factual numbers to see if each property could have positive cash flow. If I was an agent I could easily get this information, since all of my past RE agents I have worked with here in Las Vegas have easily been able to gather all information and current rates and numbers for me. Even when i purchased my first two homes in California, never had any issues with agents being able to gather all the information I ever needed.

Maybe they just do things differently there in Ohio.