Hotel Conversion to Multifamily

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Does anyone here have experience with hotel conversions to MF?  If so, I would love to connect and better understand some of the challenges you've had and things to be aware of.  Would also like to know your strategy on retaining the same number of units and dealing with the inconvenient unit mix of smaller studios & 1beds compared to converting units to larger 1beds and 2beds but losing your total unit count.  Any help would be great, thanks!

@Kyle Mitchell this can be a great strategy but it all depends on the property, the area, the market for this product in your area and the city regulations and requirements.

Some areas studios may be fine others not so much. Maybe keeping as extended stay hotel and renting monthly instead of conversion will work best sometimes not so much.

Best thing to do is research your markets, speak to realtors and property managers to determine demand and feasibility.