Using RUBS with common laundry

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Working on my first BRRRR and getting ready to start the rehab on a 4-Unit. There is a spare room in the back about 10X8 that was being used as a storage room by the past owner. I plan on converting it to a laundry room with pay to use laundry machines. I plan on using RUBS for water and sewer. The question I have is how do I charge the tenants for water and sewer if water and sewer is also being used by the laundry machines? Do I take some of the machine income and deduct it from the water bill or just bill the tenants like normal without considering laundry?

Let me know if you have any other suggestions.


You are using pay to use laundry machines and on top of that charge them water and sewer that is used for it..  you really want to milk your tenants.  Your not making enough just charging to use the laundry machines