Taking the leap! Finally my wife and I started our journey.

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Hello BPPers,

My wife and I finally took the first step into starting our journey in investing. After lurking on this podcast for a couple months now I got my wife to start listening to it. We have transitioned from the military and we are using our VA loan to start. We got pre approved for 200k and trying to house hack. Also what market would y'all recommend We look at? Thank you in advance.

@Ben Phan , congrats to you and your wife. If knowing what I now know, I would definitely house hack instead of buying a single family home. You should think about house hacking a 5 or 6 plex.

You essentially would live near rent free or free. Cut done on living on expenses to accelerate your path to wealth much quicker. Focusing on markets are good but for smaller multis more so pay attention the area where you're buying. You're not dealing with the economies of scale by house hacking. Make sure you're in an appreciating area. Good luck

Thank you so much for getting back to me. We are currently looking into surrounding markets regarding multifamily and will most definitely put that into consideration. 

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