Buying a MF in violation of zoning

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Hey everyone. Doing some DD on a 6 unit building and noticed it's zoned four up to 4 units only. Would you all want to see this rectified by seller before closing per contract or would you just worry about getting it done on your own afterward? 

Is it a legal 6 unit  in zoning that only allows four units and if so is it grandfathered in because historically it was higher before zoning?  Because it isn't likely you can rectify the zoning.  Check how it is in the tax assessors database if 6 units ask the town about the non conforming use and what limitations you will have because of it if renovating or in case of fire etc.   If it is  listed in the tax base as 4 units then treat it as 4 units in your offer because legally that is all it is.