Converting a single-family home to a multi-family home in NYC

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I've been looking into multi-family homes in the area and am finding a lot of single family homes that are set up to be multi-families, however aren't legal ones. The zoning for most of them is R6 (not that I actually know what that means) so I'm assuming that the conversion can be made since it's not R1. I know that an architect will be involved as well as all the necessary changes to plumbing, electric, heating and meters. Does anyone have any experience in this and have an idea of the costs? I'm trying to see if it's worth buying a single-family and converting it.

@Chase Patton There are just too many variables to provide a cost for a conversion like this. (Unless someone did a very similar conversion, recently and in close proximity to your proposed property.) 

Most SFH are not setup well for multi-family and will require some moderate to heavy changes to work AND BE LEGAL (as in conforms to current building codes).

If it is a SFH in a R6 zone, then you are within rights to have a very large multi-family building if you demolished and rebuilt new, depending on the lot size. For converting a single family to multi-family: if you are limiting it to the current size/square footage, then most cost would be associated with legalizing documentation as well as interior construction to separate the units and meet all the required codes. If you are enlarging the home, then you would have to add more cost for construction.