I just moved into my new 4plex househack, into the downstairs unit, because it was the empty one when I purchased the 4plex. Now I'm at a loss. I used to live in a place that was single level, so not quite used to this. Woke up at 6:45am on a Sunday due to a stomping upstairs toddler. That toddler was stomping and running around, in the bedroom... and still is. It's been 4 hours... I get it that kids run around, but at 6:45am on a sunday? I wish the parents would have their kid run in the living room at least, not in the bedroom. 

Also, I haven't officially met the tenants yet. I posted notices on their doors a week and a half ago that said that they need to contact me (i left my contact info) to sign a new rental agreement with me. I also sent them these notices by first class mail. Still haven't heard back from a single one of them, so if I don't hear by the end of this week, I'm going door to door (they were all on m2m with the previous property management, but now that i bought it, i will be managing it myself). I'm thinking of including quiet hours on the new rental agreement from 10pm-9am, but is this excessive? I just don't know what to do about that toddler literally nonstop stomping around and running around in the bedroom so early on a weekend. 

Any soundproofing recommendations? Or what should I do about this situation? I am from Oregon and these are long term tenants that have been there for more than a year.