Triplex in Rochester

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Hello everyone ! I’m looking at a turn key triplex in Rochester NY . Can anyone give me there best guess on what my water bill would be for the year .

Unit 1 -3 bed -2 Bath

Unit 2 - Studio -1 bath

Unit 3 - 2Bed -1 bath

Thanks you .

@Leigh Corcoran

If the property is in the city Check out and go to property search. Key in property address and there are several links at the bottom of the page, in which one is the recent water bill. You can also go a step further and go to the water authority website, type the address in and select pay bill. Hope this helps!

In 2013, on my 6 duplexes (sold in 2014) I paid the following that year:

$314 (3 beds), $547 (5 beds), $438 (6 beds), $396 (6 beds), $229 (3 beds) and $218 (3 beds)

Every now and then some idiot will fail to alert you that his toilet keeps running all night and you do not find out uintil you get that quarterly bill.