Best security camera system for small MF?

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I am looking to install security cameras for my two buildings. One is 12 units the other 8. They are 4 stories each 

I want to install internally and also front of building etc 

I want a system that will record and save the data for at least a week. Have it be remote capable etc 

What systems do folks use or recommend? Professionally installed is what I think  I need as it needs to be hard wired etc (?)

@Mary M.

Did you pick a system, yet?  You might want to look into Ubiquiti's Unifi Protect system.  As far as networking gear goes, they are a somewhat new upstart providing gear that competes with the "big boys" like Cisco, but at a far cheaper price.  I've used their video system, but no others so not much comparision, but their system is pretty slick in my opinion.  Both the network features and video can be accessed remotely.

Good luck.

@Mary M.

Hey no problem.  The UniFi environment maybe a bit much to take in since the security camera portion is such a minority of their products.  I’d be happy to chat about it if you’d want.  Send me a direct message if so.