Dumpster Overage Charges

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We have two apartment complexes that are having issues with people from neighboring homes and complexes dumping their large items and furniture outside our commercial dumpsters.  According to our tenants, it is people driving by that just leave their stuff.  Each time that this happens, we get a hefty fine from the garbage company.  We posted a "No Public Dumping" sign, but it didn't deter anyone.  In addition, there's not really any other location that we could move the dumpsters to to try and "hide" them from passersby.   I am wondering if anyone has tried putting a fence up around their dumpsters and if that worked?  Or, if you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them!

Thanks for your help!

Jen Wilson

fences and cameras all the way!  Post that people will be fined and that they're on camera.  Prosecute a few if you can and have to, to build awareness.  A fence will help deter some and also help with the aesthetics of the property.