Thought Leadership Platform- Syndication

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Does anyone have any content related advice they could give to someone who is actively building their thought leadership platform (and is looking to do their first syndication therefore minimal experience in the MF space)? More specifically, what would you recommend posting?

Thank you!!!

@D Donis I think you need to clearly define what the end goal is for your platform, I'm assuming you want to connect with passive investors and grow your capital raising capabilities? 

Everything. Post on social media sites and find which platform provides the best ROI. Start a podcast. Write blogs. How will you attract passive investors if they do not know what you are doing? Give them a reason to invest with you instead of the other thousands of investors.

Michael Blank has a "Platform Builders" course/mastermind that while not cheap is very thorough and starts from scratch to building out a full platform. As always, you get out what you put in.  

Emulate (I'm not saying copy!) the best. Joe Fairless, Michael Blank, Dan Hanford, Whitney Sewell, Goodegg, etc. Sign up on their email lists and see what they talk about and how. You'll find lots of similarities.