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Hey Bigger Pockets Community,

I'm very interested in learning about multi-family investing and accelerating my education.  The Wheelbarrow Profits Academy costs $20K.  Is that the best way to engage the Jake and Gino community?  I'd be curious to get feedback from anyone who has recently paid this fee and joined the program.  Are there less expensive ways to get access that are still effective?  I'd love to understand the options and the pros and cons.

Thanks in advance for any feedback.


I do not know anything about the program you are speaking about.  I have taken parts of the Michael Blank program and found it very educational. Listen to his podcast and you will get a feel for the program. 

Hi @Uri Frodis I'm in the Jake & Gino program. I'll start off by saying yes that sounds expensive and kept me from joining for a bit. I had to use the ole Rich Dad Poor Dad mindset, "its not I can't afford it but HOW can I afford it." Looking back that was still the best real estate decision I've ever made. I would have paid $100k because the massive and never-ending value that community/family gives is incredible to say the least. It's more about investing in your education to leverage your life to help others. I did a lot of homework on all the programs out there just like you are now. I picked J&G because they were humble and actually cared about me. The education, networking, coaches, events, podcasts, masterminds, etc is exactly what I needed. When you think of it like that ....what's $20k? 

If you or anyone else would like to DM me I'd be happy to talk more. Also no I'm not getting anything to say all this, I'm just a student of the Jake & Gino Family. 

I've been a part of the group for over a year now, Uri, and it's been absolutely fantastic.

The educational program is top-notch, no doubt, but for me, when I joined, it was all about the access to the network of like-minded, vetted individuals who are there to do deals and make it happen.

I've always been frustrated by local meet-up groups and networking events where the majority of people (because the events are typically free) are tire kickers. Yes, joining J & G is expensive, but everybody's paid the fee and put skin in the game. It elevates the level of commitment and professionalism of the group as a whole.

I explored all the other educational groups out there before finally settling on J & G because they felt the least "cultish" and the most like a "family". The community leader, Josh Roosen, really goes out of his way to make you feel connected.

And that's the real value of the group at the end of the day: They are committed to your success.

A little about my track-record, since joining the group last year I've done:

1) acquired 80 units ($7mm in assets) across 2 syndications and 1 joint venture

2) Launched a podcast (Multifamily Investing Made Simple)

3) Will be publishing a book (Passive Investing Made Simple) in June. Full disclosure on that, I'm writing and publishing that alongside Jake and Gino.

Now, I had a good amount of experience before joining the group, so I was probably further ahead than most, but there are plenty of guys and gals in the group who are starting from square one and through the relationships they establish in the group, the get their first deal done way quicker than they ever imagined.

But like all things in life, Uri, you get out of the group what you put in.

Hope that helps! Feel free to DM me if you want to hop on a call and discuss further.

Disclaimer: I am a part of the Wheelbarrow Profits Jake & Gino Program as a Student. I do not work for them. I joined in June of 2020. 

@Uri Frodis , I can honestly tell you it's been the smartest move I've made so far in my real estate journey. If you search these forums and the FB group, you'll find no shortage of people who don't believe in coaches, mentors or professional guidance in their business. While it is totally true you can make it own your own, the question becomes can you afford to (cost of mistakes), how fast are you looking to move without guidance/connections, and do you value being in a community with like-minded people actually making it happen? Ask any successful business owner if they eventually got guidance in how to take their business to the next level. The answer is almost always "yes." Often you can find most of the education/knowledge for free, but the issue is a lot of people don't know what to do with it and fail to take action. That's where these programs really help. The education in the platform is first-class and allows you to have many tools in your tool belt. 

There are a lot of coaches and gurus out there selling false hopes and opportunities. Some have lots of rules and regulations and are only in it for the education fees. You need to make sure you're doing your due-diligence with these programs. Before I joined, I definitely did (had 4 interviews with Josh & Dillion of J&G). I joined J&G for a lot of the same reasons already mentioned, but the biggest one was I felt that they were genuinely interested in my success as a student. They understand that the long-term success of their program is 100% determined by the success of their students. Just because you have the funds to join, it doesn't mean the program is right for you. They do serious due-diligence on each student and their goals so they just aren't taking peoples hard earned money and setting them up to be disappointed and fail. You can see the difference as soon as you get in the program - I was genuinely shocked how helpful everyone was in the program and how the students all seem to lift each other up. Someone who's ahead of you is always willing to help.

At the beginning of 2020 I was looking at SFH to rent/flip. By the end of the year I had two skilled partners (and many more experienced investors interested in working with me/us) I met in the group. We have been actively submitting offers and competing with confidence on B/C class assets that are 50-150 units during the pandemic with guidance from the community and coaches. We have our team lined up and are ready to go, and we are adding value to the real estate community through our website, meetup, podcast, and educational content we share internally within the community we learn through continuous education/experience. Never thought I'd be in this position at the beginning of 2020, so I thank the program and community for propelling me to step outside my comfort zone to THINK BIG. It's not just about the Xs and Os; mindset is the key to success in this business.

I'm happy to answer any specific questions or share my experience further- feel free to DM me. I'll echo what @Anthony Vicino said: If you're not willing to be patient and put in the hard work, you aren't going to be successful no matter which coaching program you're in. You get what you put in, period.

      Thank you, Nick Sheveland, Anthony Vicino, Brian Alfaro.  I am very grateful for the effort each of you made in your response.  Collectively (and individually), you guys make a very compelling case for the J&G community.  I would be thrilled to take you up on your kind offers to speak in person, so I'll DM you.

      Thanks again!

      @Uri Frodis , I'll start with a disclaimer that I am a member of the Jake & Gino community. I joined for a number of reasons; education being a small part but gaining access to a well established network of like-minded, high performers in the multifamily world was far more important to me. 

      I would say my situation is unique or special but I'm sure it is more common than I know. Before I joined I was trying to carry my multifamily goal by myself, I thought the only way I could get into multifamily was to have enough money to buy a property on my own so I was trying everything I could think of but ended up just spinning my wheels. For a time I was looking at duplexes but found the only thing I could afford were abandoned properties in or near the worst areas of town, after that defeat I started looking for properties on the MLS to flip but because I needed financing I couldn't compete with cash buyers. When I realized that I pivoted to a direct mail campaign to try and develop my own flip leads or start wholesaling. In the middle of the direct mail campaign our second child was born and it became clear that I wouldn't be able to devote the time needed to work my full-time W-2, build a flipping business (with the goal of saving enough money to buy an apartment), and raise 2 kids.

      Everything I had done up to that point was for the single goal of getting into apartments but I realized all I was doing was wasting time. At one point I ran into a member of the Jake and Gino community at a local meetup and learned that he was able to purchase an apartment out of state without using only his money so I inquired about his experience and opened a line of communication. It didn't take long before I knew that joining would be the right decision for me and my situation. I needed to fill some important holes in my arsenal and the investment to join the community would allow me to fill these holes far quicker than I could do on my own. 

      I knew I would be able to get the knowledge from a plethora of places. Books, videos, blogs, and podcasts are all viable options but how much time would I need to devote to this and how much conflicting information is out there? I didn't know what I didn't know but I knew that if I was able to join with a group of high-performers who have a proven track record and top systems in place I would be able to replicate what they have done and expedite my business. 

      The knowledge part was only one aspect of what I was missing. A far larger hole was my lack of network. I didn't have the necessary vendors and I didn't have the potential partners or investors I knew I would need. With the job, and family at home, I questioned how much time I would have available to build this part of my business and how long it would take me. I realized it would be much quicker if I could get access to a well established network.

      That all being said, joining a group is not the magic bullet. Work still needs to be done and it is up to the individual. Success doesn't come on a silver platter but it can be accelerated by being close to the right people. There are cheaper ways to get what you would get by joining the program but what is that cost? How long will it take to build out the systems you need to reach your goals. In business, time is a cost so what is your cost of time? 

      Feel free to DM me and I'd be happy to set up a time to chat and I can answer more of your questions if you have them.

      There is so much to learn on here and the podcast. Why would you pay for that knowledge?