Out of State Rental Investor

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It is all about getting referrals. You will want to really dig into their track record and verify that they can actually do what they say that they can. Contractors can be one of the least professional industries to deal with. There are a lot of one man (or woman) shows that will promise that they can handle your job and do it for a great price, only to later find out that they cannot. You will be better served dealing with an outfit that has employees and that can handle the job that you are asking them to do. When dealing with contractors, be sure that you have a contract signed with deadlines and penalties as well as payment schedules spelled out. Quick tip: don’t pay them before they do any work. You will be better served finding a contractor that can handle a few weeks without payment and that will allow you to pay them based on the work completed. If they need payment up front or want to get paid the same day that they complete the work, that is a bad sign.