Small town, Big University, Pandemic proof?

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Hello BPU!

I live in a small town with a Large University in Ohio (Full disclosure I work at said University.). I’ve noticed there has been minimal changes to college student occupant levels. 2nd year students were permitted to live off campus this year to avoid there being too many students to close together on campus thus increasing demand for student rentals of all shapes and sizes.This year has also seen record high first year student in person attendance. Wondering if other towns /Universities around the nation are in the same shape?

My brother goes to UNC Chapel Hill and a lot of his friends and classmates opted for off campus student housing (apartments) rather than staying on campus. They did this so that if the dorms were closed, they could remain with their friends (who they are likely living with/near). Chapel Hill, NC student housing seems to be doing well, and I'd say it's is experiencing a similar demand as pre-pandemic if not more so since there are more students (including first years) looking to get off campus housing to get as close to the traditional "college experience" as they can during these times. Franklin Street has had some restaurant closings but it seems to be recovering. Hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions.