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I have been investing in Single Family and am now looking for multi-family 10-30 units. I have not had any significant success in finding sellers from a website. With my new direction I am looking to put my effort and $ into marketing via direct mail and phone campaigns and create a website mostly for credibility. Any suggestions would be appreciated. (Note: I am considering Prospect Now to get leads. They do not offer a website). 

Marv, which market are you looking to invest in?  I love the idea of creating a website to build credibility, would love to hear suggestions from others on what their site looks like?

@Marv Edelstein Congrats on making the move to multifamily!

For direct mail, you can get a data list from Co star or ListSource. I would recommend taking a 'sniper approach' and marketing to owners that fit your exact criteria. Age, size, etc. Market to owners that have owned at least 5 years. You can write letters or postcards yourself, type them out, or invest in service like Openlettermarketing.com. 

Check out this article Joe Fairless did on direct mail marketing. 

For cold calling, you can get a data list, scrub it and have somebody call the owners directly. Cold calling is more of an art and there is a lot of information out there regarding this. 

Let me know if I can help further!

Hi @Marv Edelstein ,

I find myself in the same situation. We started investing in SFHs, then started investing in MFH. I have quickly run into the reality that it is impossible to scale on your own. In an effort to create some credibility and attract investors, I recently published a website through Squarespace. 

I didn't want to invest the time into creating my own website, so I  hired a freelance worker through www.fiverr.com. He created a shell of a website for only $80, and I simply typed in the content. Hosting a website through Squarespace is relatively straight forward and cheap. Feel free to message me as I'm happy to provide more details. 

Also, I'm craving any and all feedback on the website, so I'd appreciate hearing the good, bad, and ugly from the BP community!



Agree with @Robert Belz above.

Sketch out what you would like your site outline in powerpoint or even just a sketch pad. This will give you an idea of how many pages it will initially include. 

Fiverr and Upwork both have some outstanding individuals on there that will quickly give you a bid depending on the number of pages you are looking to build. I ended up doing it myself but if/when I want to build it out further I will lean on one of those contractors. SquareSpace or WordPress make it easy for really anyone to stand up a website with free templates and a "drag and drop" feel. 

Feel free to message me as well. Good luck!

Probably not the type of advice you are looking for but always remember “Perfection is the enemy of progress” – Winston Churchill.

Get it going, get it live and you can always change/modify it. I would stay away from long term contracts and pay by the month to start if you are using a service and then after you have real world experience with it, you can sign on for a year for the discount.

The words or design isn’t perfect? Who cares, get it live and test it, see how users react and then change/test/change/test.

You are not writing a book, no need to get it perfect on day one. Get it live and tweak it as you go. Or a year later you will be wondering why you new website that isn’t live isn’t working.

Hi @Marv Edelstein ,

If you need help with getting your website setup, shoot me a message. With a Godaddy domain, you can create a simple website for $6.99/month.

I am a website designer/developer by day and real estate investor by night. Also, big fan of Charleston, SC.

Marv, I have been doing digital marketing in this space for the last decade. I would recommend looking at https://dynamicard.com/ (ask for Ivan, tell him I sent you). You can target specific zip codes, types of owners, what cars they drive, and SO much more. This way you can target the perfect market and demo. You can also get lists from Dynamicard and capture emails that are qualified and use those to create look alikes on Facebook and more. You will be able to create some amazing deal flow using these tools!


I live in Charleston and own just 1 duplex in Summerville. Like you, I want to grow my portfolio with larger properties. I've begun looking 6-12 units thinking the demand is not as crazy as 2-4 unit properties. If I can be of any help with area questions, please reach out.

Originally posted by @Scott M. :

The words or design isn’t perfect? Who cares, get it live and test it, see how users react and then change/test/change/test.

You are not writing a book, no need to get it perfect on day one. Get it live and tweak it as you go. Or a year later you will be wondering why you new website that isn’t live isn’t working.

Even when it comes to writing a book, typically, new book authors write is usually trash (not always). There's this term in book writing which goes along the lines: "the first one is for the trash," I mean since you're writing words which are being printed, and therefore irreversible, I think that there should be perfection in terms of grammar, spelling, etc. But for the actual content, it's probably low quality if it's coming from a new author. This principle likely applies to all book genres. 

But yes, I agree with taking imperfect action. It's better to get started than be perfect.

Hey @Marv Edelstein , as an agent you will need to begin building your identity as a trusted advisor in home sales and purchases. I would begin with a Facebook page. 

With social media, or any other type of marketing you need to understand VRIN scores: V stands for value. R stands for rarity or how rare it is. I stands for inimitable and N stands for non-substitutable. Value means you are giving your followers what they are interested in. Your posts need to be reaching your audience's values. I know my audience values growing their wealth safely, so I create content that shows how we do that. People value the payoff of real estate and investing, so I post my numbers, analysis and all the great tips that my businesses have profited from. Rarity is how many other accounts are out there posting similar content. The more content that you provide that not many people get to see, the more excited people will be when they see it. It’s common sense. Rarity is the amount of emotion that people get when they see your post. Inimitable means your post is hard to recreate. It means that not only is it rare, it’s unique and genuine. 

People can tell when what you’re posting is trying to be like someone else. You have to be unique, so others can’t reproduce what you’ve created. Non-substitutable is similar to rarity, but it also means that what your posting is relatively impossible to be replaced by something new. You need to create timeless content, so as time goes on, your post is still relevant. 

If you master these, your business will grow and you will create a loyal audience, because you understand why your audience follows you and engages with you. 

Let me know if you have any questions!

@Marv Edelstein Squarespace, WIX, 1and1, all make creating a website pretty straightforward. However if you want to just open the account and outsource the building. 

Simply get a password software like Lastpass or OnePassword account. Doing this allows you to share out your login info through "one password" which then has the access for the website, or any app, for example to anybody you hire. We like to find talent at Upwork and have had success in this manner. Once the work is completed, you can revoke access to the password through Lastpass again. 

If the website is just for credibility, should be quick work. IF however you want to generate leads or traffic to the website, SEO(search engine optimization) becomes quite important.