Austin Multifamily Market Data

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For those interested in the multifamily market, I recently scraped the list of all multifamily in Austin building after 1980 that's at least 4 units and the owner information through skip tracing and found some interesting data bits.

Let me know if there's more information you'd like to know about the Austin Multifamily market, or DM me if you want me to scrape data for your city

The real estate cycle

I put a hard cap at 1980, but most of the supply is 30-40 years old since it tracks with a massive Texas oil boom and bust that really set back the real estate industry.

The same pattern can be seen where 2005-2010 saw significant decline in new builds following the great recession.

Distribution of size

- Obviously the smaller the unit size, the more common the building.

- Quadplexes are the most popular by a significant margin due to the ease of conventional financing.

The biggest owners in Austin by # of properties

- Personal names have been blurred out for privacy, if you’re buying commercial you should really start using LLCs.

- Round Rock LLC is a California based company that holds several 4-plexes which is explains why it holds 40 properties. Most large commercial builds will usually house a single property per LLC