Webinars and Conferences coming up

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What events are you all excited to go to in the upcoming months via webinar or in person? For me, I'm excited for the Carmo Companies US Residential Real Estate Webinar this Wednesday and Thursday!

Hey William!

I have not heard of that one! Where can I go to learn more? 

I am excited for the one on Wednesday hosted by Bronson Hill- it will be with Brian Briscoe, Cody Laughlin and Mark Kenney. 

@William Costello   I plan to attend the Deal Maker Live event by Michael Blank in Dallas on July 15-17.  I've been to one before and it was excellent for networking.  They will have virtual attendees as well as live attendees.  

Jake and Gino are having their Multifamily Mastery 4 event October 23-24 in Orlando.  They are good guys.

And Dan Handford is having his MFIN Summit June 10-12 as a virtual event.

Lots of good opportunities for networking!

I'll be speaking at Deal Maker Live, so see everyone there! 

@William Costello Carmo puts on very nice events with some very big institutional players, very eye opening. 

I'm also considering the Jake and Gino event and a few family office/REI events.

I highly recommend the Jake & Gino event this November in Orlando. The networking is invaluable, I met 2-3 business partners and many fellow investors in MM3.

I like it so much that I'm traveling all the way from New Zealand!!!

See you there. 

I will be at the Jake & Gino event in Orlando and I also want to attend Deal Maker Live. Next month I’m also going to Austin for a mastermind event with David Toupin 🔥

Super excited!