New REI looking for resources on large multi-family investments

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Hello, my husband and I are new to real estate investment and we are interested in purchasing large multi-family homes, or commercial real estate. We've been researching SFH, but we don't think the scalability is there for our goals. Does anyone have any resources (books, websites, etc.) they would recommend that would help us educate ourselves on how to get into these assets?

Hey Jessica!

Here are a few books I recommend- ABCs of REI by Ken McElroy, The Hands‑Off Investor by Brian Burke, and The Best Ever RE Syndication book by Joe Fairless.

Some podcasts- Joe Fairless has one- The Best Ever RE Podcast, The Real Estate Monopoly Podcast, Michael Blank's podcast, Think Multifamily Podcast.

Hi Jessica,

I 100% agree with Jeffrey. I have learned a lot from those people mentioned. They will definitely help you get started but the best way to learn is to take action with basic action steps.

Hi @Jessica Jordan . After years of doing single family and other residential real estate, I jumped into commercial about a decade ago. I eventually wrote a book on multi family investing and I planned to stay in that room for the rest of my life.

After beating our heads up against the wall for years, my team branched out into self storage and mobile home parks. We found that the opportunities to find better deals with far more upside were widespread.

I recommend a mix of all these three asset types, and the recommendations you got above from @Jeffrey Donis and @Senate Eskridge are right on for all of these asset types.  Meaning the same general principles apply. I wish you the best on your search!