High 4plex insurance cost in GA

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I'm buying a 4plex in GA and the insurance rate is $400/month! The per-unit price is twice as much comparing to my single-family rental property! Is that standard? Can anyone recommend a good company with affordable rates?

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The rates for rental dwelling coverage is normally can differ based on the number of units  Some insurance companies will only insure 1-2 family rentals.  You need to focus your comparison on that rental unit (dwelling fire policy is the most common form) and find out the best deal for that property.  

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That's insane. That's 8 times higher than a $500k SFR. I assume this isn't a $4million 4plex. Shouldn't the insurance be less than 4 houses much less 8? Less walls, roofs, exterior SF, etc etc.

If the property is a high end property that is on the coast, with a higher risk to hurricanes, then I can see the pricing getting to that level.  If your in the middle of the state, then the pricing should be closer to $100 per month.


I ran a quick report for rates in GA, and it appears your paying more than double what you should be.  I agree with these guys above.  In fact, rates in Savannah are better than what you have now, and that location is certainly coastal.  I'm not sure what area you're in, but unless we're missing a key detail here, you're just paying way too much.  Perhaps that carrier really doesn't want the business/exposure, but would gladly take it for an extreme premium???  Certain carriers want investment properties, and some don't.  Some love single-family homes, but hate triplex and duplex exposures.  Some love to write it all.

As Jason and John mentioned above, unless theirs some extreme underwriting criteria with your current agent that we're not aware of, or you have some extreme liability (high crime or litigation area) or property exposures (coast), then you seem to be paying way too much for insurance on that 4-plex.  Get to an independent agent who can help and shop multiple options.  

Hope this helps!  Good luck!

Thank you Bo. As you can see the post was created 5 months ago. We went through probably 7-8 quotes and the cheapest we found is $2700. Still too expensive in my opinion given a SFM of that price range is generally under $1,000.