Apartment is a modular

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Good evening all,

I am working on a 12 plex deal. After my personnel visit I noticed they were 12 modular units configured into basically three 4 plex buildings put together. Built in 2014. They are in pretty good condition and only need a few minor things.

Does anyone see a problem with buying a modular apartment building ?

Thank you


I have researched modular built apartments some...and would like to know more about them. In NC modulars are built to the state building codes....the same as stick built buildings.

i would take them through the same process as any other prospective property. If they passed an inspection by a certified home inspector, and the numbers pointed up... i would pull the trigger.

please let me know if you hear of any really good modular builders on the east coast.

@Scott E. Crist I wouldn’t see this as a problem and would just proceed with normal inspections.

Tenants and future buyers likely won’t care if it is modular so I wouldn’t care either. Those are the 2 opinions that really matter here.

HECK NO!!!!! I am looking to build now and modular is the way to go. The only caveat I would add to my advice is that the modular that I am investigating is new and yours is 2014. There may have been some advances in quality since then but overall, you should have no problem. Also, find out what modular company built them then go and research their products.

Thank you everyone. I appreciate your help. 
I do believe they are built to state code for 2014. I have requested plans and builder information. So far the foundation and crawl space inspections have been completed with only normal issues(nothing because they were modulars). 
tomorrow morning is the inspection on the attics.  

The location is in Montana and that’s about how far east I am. 
good luck to you guys on your builds and deals. 
As soon as I get the builder info I will post. 
Thank you Again