Duplex Repair Cost Advice

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@Lewis Gordon I'd do a walkthrough with 3 or more contractors possibly that have experience rebuilding damaged properties. They should be able to help you get a baseline price per sq ft to do the work. Good non specialist contractor should be okay if you can't find someone with fire damage experience. Consider that the good contractors are real busy right now and they may charge you a small few for the walkthrough/analysis. However their knowledge will be invaluable to you

Depending on the damage, a good soda blasting will remove a lot of the soot, char and odor.  I used to do this work and it was way better than just a spray and seal.  This can be way more cost effective than calling a smoke and fire restoration contractor that is used to just trying to max out the insurance.  Then you just have a rebuild to estimate. I don't know current costs or your area, so I would suggest a google search for a local company.

I flip fire-damaged properties and own a fire damage restoration company. It can be a big undertaking--Unless you are rather experienced with this type of damage, it may be hard for your to tell the extent of damage. 

The challenge with fire damage is that there is more than meets the eye. For example, often fire damage is water damage--they put the red stuff out with wet stuff. Unmitigated water damage becomes mold damage and and there is the potential of extensive smoke damage in the same airspace. So even elements that don’t appear damaged can be contaminated. Also, ODOR is a huge issue. If the odor is not properly mitigated that will cause ongoing problems.

I would recommend you find a fire restoration company/contractor to walk the property with you and give you a good understanding as to what needs to be done. There are many things that could be overlooked as part of the renovation on fire-damaged properties.

A few questions: when you say "you have"--do you mean you just bought it? Did you buy it with damage? Did the damage happen while you owned it? What is the status of the insurance claim? If there is any way I can help or answer questions, please let me know!

I agree with Jeremy on this one. I am involved in a fire/water restoration business. There is a lot that goes into it that may be overlooked by regular contractors. I would definitely get in contact with a restoration company. There are a bunch of them such as ServPro, and ServiceMaster.

Get quotes from fire damage specialists in the area. The square footage calculation won't help you much. Depending on the size and heat of the fire, you could be dealing with lots of unseen damage as well.