Resman software - Property management software to use for small

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Hi, Does Resman software do listings, marketing, tenant application background checks, maintenance, rent payments, tenant application document? We are looking at small multifamily and heard buy your own software license to keep costs low (instead of paying the property management fee which is expensive for the unit volume we are considering). Any other property management software recommendations on what to use for smaller multifamily


        We used Resman for a few years. It is a decent web based property mgt and property accounting software.   

It will track units, allow you to track applicants, residents, ledgers, has resident portals, work order mgt, reporting etc. It has several partners for payments, online leases, etc. 

You will need other means for marketing, etc.

Not sure what price you were quoted, but it was pretty inexpensive for us.       

How many units are you looking to manage? 

Are you self-managing? 

What other software have you considered?