I have a crazy idea

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I want to send a direct mail to all of the tenants of properties that we are interested in but Can’t get a hold of DM. I want to offer tenants free one year rent if they connect us with landlord and we buy property. How can I find the current tenants of apartment?

My W-2 is with a company called Mspark, though I believe in your area the direct mail provider is Mailbox Merchants. There are also companies that service smaller direct mail sets, but you could partner with someone at MM in your area and hit 10,000 mailboxes, targeting only apartments. Many direct mail companies have the ability to target housing type.

I can't personally help you, but I can connect you with a mail rep in your area if you want, or feel free to message me for further detail. Best of luck!

@Jason Malabute - Why aren't you contacting the owners of the properties instead? Yes, it takes time/money to skip trace the owners of the LLC, but it can be done! I did it for years when looking for parking lots to purchase. There are paid services out there but I never found their results to be as useful as doing it on my own.

Otherwise, if you want to go directly to the tenants, why not do something simple like putting door hangers on each unit?

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