Container home project

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Hello everyone, I have all links in place to go forward with building a home with containers (yes as in shipping containers.) The city refers to the building as a modular home. What things do I need to consider and/or look into as far lending goes when it is time to resell the property? I am not familiar with lending on different types of housing? Do lenders do anything different with the considered modular home? I would appreciate any advice anyone can give.


i know most cities require a minimum livable square footage to be considered a livable domicile. Most skirt this with "Small Homes" by putting them on wheels so they are considered mobile homes and don't need to be as big. 

@Camronn W.  

Any sketches / drawings / renderings of your project?

Drawings are currently underway with an engineer. Will that help a little more once it is complete?

@Camronn W.  Photos / drawings / sketches would probably help the BP financial guys quite a bit toward offering some advice / input...  Your project is intriguing.  I've seen quite a bit of "press" on container buildings over the past years.  They do seem to range from being similar to mobile homes on one end of the spectrum, to very well designed architecture on the higher end.   

Just did a search here on BP with container homes and wondered what type of progress has been made with the project. 

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