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I've always used Ikea, replacement parts are easy to find & inexpensive enough. Also, they don't seem to change the models very often.
The quality is pretty good and tenants like them.

Not sure how common they are around the country though.

Good luck,

@Karen Margrave    I would assume in your price point custom.

We go with whats appropriate for the price point with our base cabinets in starter to mid level once we get up into high end  then its another level of cabinetry.. I like using my local cabinet shop where i know the  owner he appreciates the business and we get great service since we buy 10 to 15 sets a year in the one market..

I know in MS I see the guys here build the cabinets on site... even in higher end and use very cheap hardware.. we use soft pulls on upgraded hardware always... I figure since I am saving money on holding costs ( use bank instead of private or hard money) most of my competiiton is using private or HML the savings I make I can up grade a few grand and have a nicer finish package and get my houses sold all things being equal... Hope that helps

I also love the Ikea cabinets.  They are very attractive and the price is right. Keep in mind, you have to have the time to put them together.

@Jay Hinrichs  I agree, but thought I'd post as I have people ask me that quite often that are doing different types of jobs. 

There are some great high end stock cabinets, but in reality it's probably cheaper to have custom built. Or maybe not.

RTA cabinets are a great cheap alternative but very durable, usually 3/4 stock. and available in some nice finishes like bamboo, mahogany, maple , etc..

ikea is just crap!

@Karen Margrave  custom for me.

I'd do higher end stock for a house at a slightly lower price point, though. I've seen some really nice ones recently.

There are stock cabinets, made in Italy, very popular some high end areas that cost $30,000 for a standard size kitchen, for just cabinets. I've seen them installed in houses; and they aren't even wood boxes or doors, etc., they're wrapped with some type of vinyl.  (the installers asked if they were IKEA) 

I've also seen custom cheaper than stock, hence my question. 

For most of our homes which are around 1500 to 1800 sqft, a set of custom kitchen cabinets costs us around $5000 to $6000 plus $1000 to install.  This creates a terrific looking product with nice hardware that isn't too high end, and certainly not low end.

We have tried IKEA cabinets too and some of their product looks terrific.  However, they bit us in the end for the following reasons.

1) IKEA cabinets are standardized sizes.  Construction tends to leave rooms at least an inch off in some places, so you end up with awkward gaps or the cabinet doesn't fit by half an inch in your space.  So you end up wedging or replacing with smaller cabinets that ends up with some awkward spaces.

2) The labor to assemble and install the IKEA stuff is more than a custom cabinet solution so our labor costs went up to compensate for the complexity.

3) You frequently end up with missing parts or a busted corner on some of your pieces which requires returns.

4) #2 and #3 extend the time it takes to install your cabinets.  Each week has both a loan cost and an opportunity cost on your money not doing the next deal.

So we ultimately decided not to use them due to the logistical impact they had on our projects.  The lost week and extra labor costs ended up making them more expensive than custom sets.

I don't think it is a question or comparison, in dealing with So Cal homes, you need to go custom, it allows you the ability to design the kitchen to your specs, get custom stain, and the resale value of a custom kitchen over stock cabinets is so much better. Now, if you are dealing in price points below $800k, then you can go stock.

@Will Barnard  when I did this post it wasn't actually for our houses, but more for the condos we will be building.  

I hear from others on BP asking about such things, and thought getting opinions on some of this stuff from experienced people around the country would add a lot to the conversation and give a good reference point for all. 

Out of curiosity Will, what does it cost you for cabinets on one of your high end remodels? 

We do custom only. I get the same price or better than store bought and they just look better.

@Karen Margrave  

Karen for what we build we usually do cusomt or at least semi-custom. Full wood boxing, dove tailed drawers, soft close and no mdf. Depending on the area and price point we will do a full custom. 

We've done Ikea, but are now doing custom. It makes enough of a difference on the sell side to make the extra expense worth it.  $350k-550k home price range.  I think we just paid $9k for cabinets (including bathrooms) in a 1750 SF home. 

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