How to establish good relationships with Homebuilders/Rehabbers.

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Hi Biggerpockets Nation,

My name is Luis Luciano.

I am a new realtor in The Center City Philadelphia Area. In my target area there is always new development & full rehabs taking place. You just drive arround some neighborhoods and new houses are been built in no time.

I want to ask home builders & Rehabbers.

1- How can an agent earn your business?

2- Do you have an agent/brokerage before construction even starts?

3- Advise, Tips, suggestions.  If an agent drops off some business cards at your construction site. 9/10 the Investor is not present at the construction site. 


@Luis E Luciano  

I think the answer is very much the same advice you see given to new investors.  Basically, become an asset to the builder/rehabber.

If you search on "Investor Friendly Realtor" you'll find tons of post from Real Estate Investors asking for referrals for investor friendly realtors. If you simply offer your services to REI's, you'll have no trouble. Offer to run comps, show them houses, pull lists of cash sales from the MLS, etc. Find out what, specifically, they are searching for in a property and look for opportunities for them. Talk to other agents about pocket listings.

Build yourself a list of the different investors and what their parameters are.  Then, talk to every agent you can and let them know you have cash buyers looking for x. You're looking the opportunity to get in front of deals where agents have been contacted by sellers, but they can't list the deal for retail...either because the seller is upside down or because they can't/won't make the repairs necessary to make it marketable.

And, get involved with the local REIAs.  Hand out your card to every investor there telling them you will help them with the things I've just list above.  You will have NO trouble building relationships with these folks.  You'll probably have to beat them off with a stick!

@Hattie Dizmond  Thank you for this great advise. I will put it to action to hopefully get to that point where I have my hands full.

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