Building a house on an Island.

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As some of you know, I have been investing in Land and Tax liens for a LONG time. I have been fortunate enough to travel to many places, and during that time I have found a place that I want to build a small vacation home. I haven't started construction yet but have purchased the land. Once I start building, I will start a new thread and will post regular updates. In the mean time, I have been taking bids for clearing the lot and etc. So I decided to go to the lumber store to get some prices of the basic materials that I need and was quite shocked by some of these numbers, it makes me appreciate what we have that's easily available in our country.

Originally posted by @Jon Klaus:

Is skilled labor just as high?  It might make sense to look into a modular or park model. 

Without giving away too many details right now, I am building a modular SFH. While I do like park model style homes, they are definitely not for me and yes skilled labor is sort of scarce and kind of high. There is a TON of red tape that I have to get across before construction can start, so with everything that Im trying to do (in regards to construction standards and requirements) Im getting a big "Prove it" from the building department.

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