How much to build a road?

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I'm looking into buying a 9 acre lot and putting up 8 to 10 homes. The city wants me to build a road through it connecting to two other roads. I'm estimating about a mile of new road. It would be like a standard urban neighborhood road. We also would have to put in water and sewer and connect off of the city. I have no idea how much it's going to cost to build a road like this. So I thought I throw the question out here. I am aware there are lots of variables. Most of the lot is actually pretty flat there is one section that is a small hill. Just some sort of ballpark ideas would be helpful if anybody knows thanks so much.

Hey Todd,

Will this be an asphalt road?

What will be the road width from curb face to curb face?

Will you be required to provide curb, gutter, sidewalk?

Do you also need to pull sewer and water for that entire mile distance to connect to your project?

One way you can determine what the city will require is to find boilerplate conditions of approval that the city imposes on everyone that builds a similar road. They are usually on-line with the city planning commission meeting minutes.  The conditions of approval from the engineering department will most likely include some detail on what you will be required to provide.

I can give you a ballpark price, assuming the grade is relatively flat, but need to know this info first.

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Talk to heavy equipment people. Tell them what you are trying to do. My 'tractor' guy runs a Cat D-4 and skip loader. He estimates cutting a road based on his cost per day times X days. He's done wonders at my San Diego ranch and is the local go-to guy expert for all things pre-construction in the area. 

Since soil conditions, grade, rainfall and runoff, etc vary so greally from locale to locale, you need someone from that area to consult. 

Otherwise, I'll say $493,027, more or less.

@Todd Belanger  

  a mile of road to city standard with storm sewer and water.. is going to cost you a bunch

just looking at a job I am doing right now in Oregon... this is flat ground easy digging no rock...

Water, Sewer and storm is right at 40 to 45 a foot installed. dirt work and rock is site specific and not sure what ashphalt cost are there.  Plus engineer  survey. Also the prices above do not include fire hydrants  manholes etc etc. So probably north of 600k just for the underground plus roads and asphalt.

Is this mile of road going to service any lots... ????  If not those must be some pretty expensive lots to make this one pencil..

That's 40 to 45  EACH not total

Thanks for all the great info!  I'm not sure on the width.  But yes to sewer gutters curb sidewalk water.

Did you build the road? If so, how much did it cost?

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