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Current project is a gut remodel and 2nd floor addition.  I have 3 full baths to buy finishes for + Kitchen.  

Is it worth establishing a relationship with a plumbing supply house or should I just pay retail on the fixtures.  

Point of my question is, is there really better deals at plumbing supply houses than retail or online?  I've bought all my past material retail for other projects. 

You can often get better deals by shopping online, but you're going to have to piece stuff together from multiple suppliers, so the money you save will cost you a lot of time.

Deals come and go, but won't always be in the style you want.  I typically let my vendors establish those relationships and then leverage them when I hire a plumber.  I want all of my subs to get the perks from the suppliers in the same way consultants get frequent flyer miles.  It's a nice incentive, and the plumbers often know where the best deals are.

My local commercial Plumbing Supply store sells a few items to the public without creating an account...those few items happened to be the ones I needed, but it was free to create an account if you already have a business.  However I was able to find hot water heaters at Menards (retail) for less, so in the end I only purchased a couple of items...

Before I would pay to create an account I would just use one of my Plumbers accounts and buy thru them.

@John Blackman  

@Jimmy Davis  

Good points.  Appreciate your replies.  Funny thing is the Plumber im probably going with said he gets better deals on Grohe on Amazon than his supply house.     

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