Best Development Courses?

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So, I'm short on cash atm and I was wondering if there are any cost-effective courses out there for someone interested in development? Apparently Scott Scheel sold a development course but it is no longer available on his site.

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There are several books, courses and seminars on real estate development. None them will make you into a developer sorry to say. I had the same questions years ago and read and studied everything I could. But until you take the leap you will be well read but not a developer. Stop looking for a book and look for a deal

Thanks for the advice :) While I do feel that having a mentor is great, I still feel that I meed to do some reading because most successful debelopers don't have time to teach the basics, and development is such a risky busimess that I really want to have a stron foundation of knowledge.

Account Closed Learn the foundations of real estate, contracts, financing, escrow, etc. There are NO courses that teach you what you need to know to be a developer, unless you plan on going to school to learn project management, construction, etc., and any course that promises that is probably a scam. 

Development is a very complex business that involves real estate, construction, engineering, design, finance, etc. There's no fast way of learning it, and without the money to risk to do your first deal, the best thing is to consider getting a job working for a developer, contractor, or in a real estate office and start learning the business from the beginning. Good luck! 

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