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Hi everyone, 

First post on here. I am relatively new to real estate and I have found myself with 4 VACL listings in rural Arlington. These properties are PRICED RIGHT, especially considering 100% OWNER FINANCING available and all 4 - totalling almost 70 acres near Lake Riley - can be sold as a package deal. So many possibilities but I feel that the NWMLS is not the best way to sell these properties. 

I want to get my listings in front of the right eyes, any suggestions or does anyone have advice on techniques they have used to sell otherwise difficult parcels of land (due to location being remote).

A few ideas I thought of:

I've read that a lot of people use Craigs List to sell, not sure if you have tried that.  

Another site I have heard tossed around is Backpage.  

You could list a classified ad in your local newspaper (if you have one).  

I am pretty remote and we have a community buy/sell/trade Facebook page.  

Local bulletin boards at grocery stores, restaurants, hardware stores, etc.

Some smaller towns may have local internet service providers that offer advertising.

Advertising in any magazines that may have a subscriber base that matches your target audience (hunting magazines, camping magazines, vacation/travel, whomever you think is likely to buy the land).

You could also list the land on the MLS, but have the agent agree that if you find the buyer no commission will be paid.

Hope these ideas help! 

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