16 Home Development In Aiea, Honolulu

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Aloha Everyone,

I just sat down with a contractor who was referred to me by my agent who is the owner of a 2 acre lot parcel in Aiea Hawaii. He is also the developer in this deal and is looking for funding to run this project. He has already put a few million dollars to get this project and is looking to do a joint venture or a lender. If anyone in BP knows of anyone that has done a deal like this and what I need to do to help this guy fund his projects. Mahalo

Market place is a great way to advertise for assistance and funders.

@Fuzzy Jardine Welcome to BP. My first question, what is your position in the deal? 

Marketplace is the only forum on BP where you are allowed to advertise. However; you must be a paid member to place posts there. Though you are not asking for a specific loan, if you do so, it must be on Marketplace. It's fine for others to give you advice on how to go about funding the deal. 

My suggestions: Get a detailed package together that tells about the project, the costs, etc. and start shopping lenders that loan in Hawaii. Try looking on Scotsmanguide and maybe the Association of Private Party Lenders too. Good luck. Sounds like an exciting project. 

Thank you Karen I do have an executive summary of the project but I wasn't sure if I was able to post that on this site. Thanks for your help

@Fuzzy Jardine Welcome to BP. 

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