Window Brands and Styles

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Inspired by the poll style posts by @Karen Margrave  , so I'm starting my own!

What brand and style of windows do you like to use and what do you see your buyers liking (or even caring about)?

When I use vinyl, I use Simonton.

For commercial annondized style , I use Ram, but I know a lot of others that are using Western and Milgard.

We've been using all vinyl so far.  Different brands based on the the price point of the home and the deal we can get at the time.  My GC likes to buy at McCoy's.  When we commit to a big materials volume, they get aggressive on pricing and have been responsive and flexible.

Our buyers haven't really commented much on windows, but we are at a lower price point than you .  

as long as it's vinyl, no one knows the difference. although HD cheap windows are crap. never again.

@Lynn Currie   I wanted to tell you that my son Michael said he was talking to someone that designs high end homes in the 4-5 million dollar range, and that they use Western windows where they are critical for the high impact look, and that Milgard makes a vinyl that matches very close to the metal frames, and they use those on the other areas. 

@Karen Margrave  Thanks for that info!

I almost went with some Western glass doors on this project, but ended up using Fleetwood. 

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