How do I figure out the details behind a vacant lot not listed for sale?

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There is a relatively small, vacant piece of land big enough to fit two properties near my current home. There is no sign posted with information and I cannot find the lot for sale online. If I wanted to figure out some details about the land such as who owns the lot, how long they've owned it, etc. how should I go about doing that?

tax assessor - usually county or if not, city.

Normally what I do is get on the property I'm researching county appraisers web page find the property on the map after entering an address near the property Sometimes the listed owners mailing address shows if it doesn't I get the parcel number go to the county's tax collector website using the parcel number pull up the records and there you will find the owners info. Point is reaching out to the owners that simple.

Try to google county name +'"appraisal district" or + "appraiser"  or +'"proprty tax" or + "GIS" or "Propert search".

Many county sites will have an area wher you can search by address or owner name.  If you don't know the owner name or address, try searching for you name or address.  Then look for a "map" hyperlink.  That will likely take you to an interactive map with your proprty highlighted.  You can often pan around and click on other parcels to display the owner and property info.

@Walker Hinshaw  

Also something not mentioned already, is the Zoning. All the information above is

"Spot on"

But don't forget to check out what the property is zoned for.

I agree with the above posters about checking with your local tax assessor for owner information, but you can also ask the neighbors and/or ask a good, long-time, local realtor who really knows the area. They might tell you more of the real history of the site.

I use my County GIS and/or public tax record websites. 

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