Tear Down & Rebuild Costs

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I'm not sure this is the best forum for this, but I thought I'd give it a shot.  I am contemplating tearing down a home that is in pretty bad shape and rebuilding on the same land.  Costs can vary wildly, I know this.  I am looking for rough estimates on cost and the amount of time it takes to completely tear down a home, remove all of the debris, and then rebuild a 1600-1700 sqft. home.  This would be in the Rochester, NY region. Materials would not have to be the highest end materials, but also not the cheapest stuff out there either.  

The teardown and haul off can go pretty quick, maybe a week. However, you will need a demo permit and that may take a while to get.  On the new construction I would expect five or six months, though some get it done faster.

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My numbers are roughly the same as John's although I can get under $90/ft.   I don't do much new stuff, though.  Last one I did was about 1500 ft, built if for $135k without land costs.  I'll add some square feet every once in a while in nice areas and I budget $80-$100/ft depending on what I'm adding.

I'd guess up there, you'll pay way more.

Timeframe varies a little with who you use and how on top of things you are, but building new tends to be less headaches than rehabs.  NY I imagine permitting will be a pain and take a while, though.  The difference between permitting in the City of Atlanta and the county where I live just outside of it is flat out amazing.  

Around here, we would spend a few hours of time prepping for demo, then a half day or less to tear down. The haul can be done in under a day also depending on the foundation and whether you are keeping it.

I would estimate 15k for clearing the lot and ground up in Rochester at a mid level finish to be 100/ft.

Assuming you aren't in a historic district, you should be able get the demo permit in under 90 days and wrap up construction 4-6 months thereafter.

Im surprised at some figures. If its a CA market, we have high costs, $150/sq ft, all sourced out. time wise, about a year. you need to let the building settle, if you do it too fast, your client might hear the ticking of the wood settling and hairline cracks on wall might appear, nothing structural but a lot of touch ups, not to mention it will give them the impression that the work was not done correctly.

Here in WA the cost are more in line with Manolo in CA. The biggest consideration in a tear down is to maximize the GFA. That boasts the saleability of the end product -- even after factoring some arch fees. Look up what you can put on the piece of land, and see if the foundation/pad can be reused.

What are you trying to accomplish here? Will this be your primary residence? I can take a look at your house and get an idea of what you want. Rehab may be better for you than starting over. Give me a call. I am in Le Roy NY.

in your area you are looking at 95 to 115Sf  to get the work done  new.New work is all ways easier than old and at times can be alot faster due to everything is open up and you are not trying to tie into anything to make it look new. The time frame can be around the same depending on the crew you have a new crew can take 4-6 months and a rehab crew could take 4-6 months. I think on the permit side not sure for your area a rehab may be alot quicker than a new home but you can check with the city are a local designer they can tell you  that.also a rehab may be alot easier on getting funding for the a new home.

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Originally posted by @Eric McQuistion :

I dont know if this is a dead post. But I would have to agree with Dave Savage above. The overall cost is dependent upon where in the city...

 I would say yes to dead post, not sure if owner of the thread is still active with only 4 posts.