Impressions of a modular home manufacturer

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For those of you building modular, I built two SFRs quite a while back, and bought from two different manufacturers: first Premier Builders, and then Apex. Both were entry level simple two-box ranches,  about 1276 SF.   The Premier product was far superior, both in finish details and how it arrived.  Little details like the shower surround already installed with no breakage upon arrival, and radius corners on the counter.   The Apex was slightly cheaper, but not by more than $1000 or so.

The reason I'm posting now is that I'm cleaning out files in preparation for a move, and found the brochure, and wanted to post while I had the info.  I have no connection to Premier other than as a customer, and it was probably 8 years ago.  You'll need to contact them to find a dealer in your area, as they don't deal direct with the buyer.  

Hi @Ann Bellamy ,

Just noticed this post, my wife and I are looking into building a modular home in Massachusetts, thanks for the recommendation. We've looked at 2 other manufacturers so far (Professional building systems and Excel). How did you determine the best options for you as there are so many manufacturers / builders?  I've been trying to find a way to differentiate easier than going through the building specs for each manufacturer as related to the price. Any advice on non-biased resources or reliable reviews of other manufacturers? I'm looking into Premier Builders now. Thanks for posting!


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