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Hello Phoenix Area BPers!!! Just spent a few days in your lovely town. Was looking for sf numbers on cost to build in phoenix.  3000 sf with 3 baths.  Please let me know if you are including the cost of GCs or if you are managing the subs on your own. Not looking for cost of land, simply cost of construction for a high level estimate.  I realize there are a ton of variables, but just trying to get a general feel for costs of new construction in the Phoenix area. Thanks! 

Forte Homes and VIP Homes advertise the following (again not including land, landscaping and upgrades).

Forte Homes- 3084 sq. ft. 4 bedroom, 3 bath, 3 car garage $419,000 = $135 sqft

VIP Homes - 2947 - Bdrms: 4, Bath: 2.5, Garages: 2 $290,000= $98.40 sqft

Completed I would estimate $125-$150 plus the cost of land.

Thanks Michael... I appreciate it!

Any other Phoenix or Arizona BP'ers have any insight. 

$98/ft is pretty good, I am wondering exactly what they include in that price. 

Permits, hookups, school fee's here in California can add up to huge numbers.  

GC here, for your regular builder grade home and finishings, with no big upgrades or any special builds, you're looking at probably around $100/sq ft. This won't include the cost of land, or any major electrical upgrades from the city, and won't include the cost of an architect. If you're looking for something a little nicer you're probably looking at more of the $125-$150 per sq foot range.

I have a similar question on the cost of building basic spec home, about 2000sqft in the Phoenix area.  I plan to be the General.  The plan is to build and put up for sale.  Any feedback from individuals that have completed a recent build and willing to share some numbers would be great.  

@Aaron R. Can probably add some insight here.

I'm building a little over 2000 sq ft for around $80/ft. Now I'm not done yet but that is where I expect to be. We're installing flooring and cabinets now, so we are close to finishing. This includes all permits and architect fees as well as demo of an existing 1000 sq ft house. We saved some money by keeping some of the existing slab from the old house as well.

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