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I don't have a brand loyalty. Whatever price is better and has the colors I'm using I'll buy it. 

As for the finish, there are two factors:

1) is it a low/mid/high end property. No high end house should have a satin finish in the living room :-)

2) where in the house am I painting (bathrooms and kitchens will get glossier finishes such as eggshell while living and bedrooms will probably lean more towards the flatter finishes)

@Karen Margrave , I generally use whatever brand the paint crew prefers. Most of the time that is Sherwin Williams, but I do have one crew that swears by PPG Porter.

Usually Flat for the walls and semi-gloss on trim.

Probably the biggest difference maker is the GRADE of paint you get from each place. For our upper end stuff we use Sherwin Super Paint.  

@Todd Whiddon  Thanks for the reply. I ask because the painter we are using on the house in San Clemente uses Dunn Edwards so we let him use that, and  he recommended velvet finish. It wasn't supposed to really have much sheen, but it's more than I wanted. Also, I don't really like Dunn Edwards as much as Sherwin Williams, which we've used in the past. I totally agree on the grade. 

I like Dunn Edwards paint, they have great colors and the quality is good. That said, velvet is Not the right sheen to use. On walls, ou shouldn't benusing flat Ron ow sheen and then semi gloss for trims. Also, flat for ceilings.

For several of my high end homes, I have been using Benjamin Moore which has some colors that are a bit better and higher end than DE.

For standard homes, whichever paint is a good price works, I would typically use lowes or HD paint and  color match from DE.

Typically Porter Paint (PPG)  Eggshell sheen -- Hi - Hide or if you want to go cheaper Speed Hide -- however if you set up an account at Porter there isn't much of a price difference.

Sherwin Williams has similar products -- I've just developed an affinity for Porter.

If you're painting trim - use enamel paint.   I typically prefer Oak stained very dark in rentals due to how hard the wood is and it's affordability if purchased from the right suppliers.  Like Maple however it's a bit harder to get a consistent stained finish or at least you better have people who know what their doing when staining it.

Only place I'd ever use Flat paint is on a ceiling.

Our paint rep just moved to a new company so we're using new paint. I can't remember the brand right now. It's been a tough transition though, the paint coverage in some of their products is different so the crews have been working through that.

For our walls, we've done both velvet and eggshell. Our trim and doors are high gloss.

I use PPG or Glidden, just because I get more than half off from shelf price. lol. DE has the worst reps, I hate dealing with them, giving me 10% discount won't attract my business, BM is also commonly used for commercial grades, AT&T and some others use them.

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