Questions about subdividing a lot

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I have never subdivided a lot before. There is an oversized lot near me that could possibly be subdivided. What are some things I should keep in mind when subdividing?

The property is located in a city and is surrounded by houses, so there are utilities in the area already. 

First call is to the local building and zoning dept., to see what's required, minimum lot size, set backs, procedures, etc..

As a planning consultant by profession, Wayne is right on in advice - minimum lot size, density, zoning, buffers.   Download the local zoning code and read it - full of engaging material. :)

 I know most jurisdiction here in Washington State have what is called a pre-application meeting for those wanting to understand what is required.  That may be too much effort, but if you are serious about the lot it may be worth it.

@Paul Weller ,

Are you familiar with Cowlitz and/or Clark County?  

I investigated splitting a lot with two independent homes on it.  I did what you suggested and started the pre-application process.  Once I realized it was going to cost up to $20k and may or may not be approved, I moved on.  If I had a consultant who has experience working with the local planning department, I would have moved forward.

I actually used to work as a planning consultant down in Vancouver about 10 years ago, but have lost most of my connections down there.  Send me an email [email protected] with more info and I will take a look at it.

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