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I am interested in buying what is now a one level commercial site, to build six condo units.

Currently in the alley next to the building there are about three utility poles up against the side of the property with a lot of wires. There is residential behind my site, but the utility poles move to the other side of the alley at that point, so it is less of an issue.

Do I have any options for having the poles moved and/or improving the situation in advance of building condos?

I have one where the wire from the pole was going across the neighbors back yard to my corner but it was barely clearing my garage.  

I called the  utility company and they said $800 to do a mid line tap. 

the  next day I called as the  neighbor and said...  I want to install a pool in my back yard and this damn wire is going right across my back yard. 

they came and moved the wire exactly how I wanted them to .  no cost to me.  

The easy answer is yes but the real question is what is the cost. Assuming ComEd is in a right of way or power easement (almost a 100% certainty) they have every right to be there. They will cooperate with you to move, but it will be at your expense. I would suggest discussing the issue with them to see what their estimated cost is. They will likely want to see a preliminary set of plans on what you are proposing.

yes you can. you may need to provide evidence of your ownership and your constriction plans and engineers drawings showing your intent for site. they won't just move it wo good reason. even then get ready to wait.  you cannot motivate utility companies.

hello all.  I am one of those utility type people. "@larry k" in fact I work in right of way.  You and ”@William Jenkins" are correct, having a set of plans for review would speed things along.  They can make layout suggestions that could save you money in the long run. I review plans all the time for spec. deals .  and yes  payment in Ciac would help. I would expect though, the pole s in the alley may be there per the tarrif agreement with the city.  Eric a simple exercise in title work might yield some answers as to the nature of the alley.  For example,   how wide is the alley? Is platted?  There ae a whole host of questions to ask but this will get you headed in the right direction.

@Eric Flanagan - Are you converting the existing structure to condos or tearing it down to build new?  And when you say "up against the side of the property", does this mean the side of the building or the side of the lot line?  In either case, if tearing down, would they inhibit the demolition process or create an unsafe condition?

Is it the poles or the wires that are of primary concern?  And are the concerns aesthetically related or functionally inhibiting what can be done (wire height may be problematic during construction... arc potential, getting trucks/cranes on and off site)?

Utility easements for the poles are commonplace, but that doesn't mean every pole in place is in compliance or that the wires strung from them are too.

Getting in touch with the folks who own the poles is wise, but as the others noted above - have a plan to share.... they'll be the ones to coordinate the pole movement and all the folks they lease the lines.

Good luck!

The project was probably finished, the post was 4 months ago.

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