Elevation certificate in texas

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do elevation certificates expire? I've run into a problem here in houston the recent floods this past year has really hurt alot of the homes in the area. People being told they may not be able to get permits to rebuild there homes until the get there homes "raised" to meet elevation standards being that most these homes were built before these standards existed and this can cost up to 100K for alot of these homes being that they are all slab foundations. My question is my seller has a elevation certificate that expired in 2002 I've read that there is no expiration but it has one on the certificate. This has caused a major roadblock in a deal I'm currently involved inn because with out it my buyer can not get permits and the property will be considered a complete tear down. The certificate we have shows the houses BFE at 54.0 the requirements are 52.

Any one have this problem or a solid answer. We are waiting for the city to get back to us but they are back logged at the moment.  Thanks to all that respond!

Not an expert but it's my understanding that they do not expire, but the information required on them has been updated in recent years. So even if you have an old certificate, it may not suffice for today's standard.

Good luck!

@Gabriel Ayala ....it may be best to just go ahead and get a new elevation certificate. $300-$400, but it gets the deal done, and you can build a relationship with the Survey company.

It doesn't make much sense for an elevation certificate to expire - the elevation of the house hasn't changed.....my only guess is surveyors toss that date on there so they can juice you for another survey.

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