demoing a slab??

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I'm trying to get an idea of the cost to demo a slab foundation that was poured but house never built.  between 2000 to 3000 sqft.  Also who or what type of business would I contact for this type of job?  Any other things to consider when doing this?

There are two lots that have abandoned foundations in a neighborhood I am personally looking at building a house in.  I'm trying to use some investor type negotiations to get a good deal.  I have not made contact with the owners yet.  They have been this way for a few years at least and sit on 1 to 2 acre lots in a nice neighborhood.  


Depends on if the slab foundations are post-tensioned or not. Assuming they are, best thing would be to bring in some heavy equipment with a hydraulic breaker. You should be able to bust up a slab that size in about a day, maybe a day and a half max. You'll then need trucking to a dump site that will take concrete (not all will). 

I'd assume $225/hour for the excavator with hydraulic breaker for 8 hours. 

$200/hour for an additional excavator with bucket to load your trucks for 8 hours. 

Including trucking, dump fees, labor and equipment, I'd say you'd be somewhere in the $5k range for both of them. 

@Matt Motil

yes post tension.  I was thinking in the 5 to 10k range.  I wanted to have an idea before I started contacting the owners of these "distressed" lots.  It sure sounds heavy equipment and labor intensive!  I'll post what I hear from some contractors.

Not very labor intensive, but you're going to want a descent sized piece of equipment with a breaker attachment. The right equipment will chew these up in no time. If you did them both at the same time you would be most efficient with the equipment and avoid multiple mobilizations that would kill you. 

I would say $5k range is more realistic than 10, but you need to see how far the trucks need to go to find a dump that will take the concrete. You're going to need about 8-9 truck loads based on my math. If dump fees and travel time are outrageous this price could go up in a hurry. I assumed an hour round trip to the dump site for trucking.

One guy told me $8,000 to $10,000 based on 4 inch standard slab of 2000 sqft...  Obviously, he said he would have to see it to know for sure.  sounds high that's good for negotiating with the seller I suppose....

I would think $5k would be about right.  Around here, you can demo an entire house (raised pier foundation) for $10k or less, including haul away.  Around here there are lots of guys that do demo and hauling work. I doubt concrete guys are the right companies to call.