What is the future of the housing market?

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I have trouble living in the present, I'll admit it, i'm always wondering where the future is headed so I can pivot early.

This topic has been mentioned in the podcast before but not in depth. I see 3D printed housing excelling outside the U.S regulated housing market. I wonder how long politicians can hold progress at bay. After all if you can print a house in less than a day for 30%-70% less than yesterdays price per square foot, why bother building the old way? In additition the baby boomer generation will eventually transition into assisted living. The U.S housing market may be facing increasing downward pressure even though its a packaged commodity, from both fronts. Then there's auction.com, less due diligence, and shill bidding, yes you can mitigate, but is it easier or more dangerous to buy through them? Things they are a changing...I should live in the here and now, but can't help wondering what's the future of the housing market?

The market will be local.  There may be some national trends, but it is always local.  My market will be going down as we rely heavily on the oil fields and coal for jobs.  I see manufacturing going up.  Watch your market and react accordingly.

Great questions. The 3d printing of buildings excites me. 

Due to a majority of the highest paying jobs requiring advance training, the advent of robotics, dumb AI replacing certain jobs, the trend of economic inequality will continue and we will see more Americans fall out of the middle class.