Pre-Construction in Texas

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I am working with builders and developers in Houston Texas. I am also Real Estate and Mortgage Broker in Texas. If you like to put your questions to me I would be happy to answer them.
Let me know where you are based and do you have any prefered city to do the construction.

Frank in Houston, TX

Many are part of the Texas Home Builder's Association. There's also a Remodeler's Association, but I'd first check in your local investment club. They usually have a yahoo group or online forum, so you can ask for referrals there.

Well, I have them. I deal with ONLY new-constuction homes in Houston, Tx. I work with several builders and we buy and sell condos, TH, and SF. I get these deals at a discount from the seller and I sell them to the general public. I can get deals that range from 13%-20% off market value. Right now I have about 20 condos and 3 townhomes in Rice Military and Midtown. I pay agents and referal fees up to 7% depending on the deal. If you looking for New Homes in Houston to buy as an investment or you have buyers let me know. Just PM me.

I see that other person was banned for spamming. Maybe future questions can be more specific. If someone needs "information" about new construction in Texas, that can be anything. The more specific the question, the better answer you'll get.