Zoned Undeveloped A4 in Dauphin County

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I am trying to find out if one can build a church on a land in Dauphin County, PA, that is zoned undeveloped A4. Where does one start? Realtor is no help to me. If we can't build a church, we want to subdivide the land and build homes for us.  The realtor said there is a well on the property is is shielded by the government. I don't know what that means. It seems little fishy. Assessed at 84K but  they are selling the undeveloped land for 125K.  Also want to find a few builders in the area.Thanks

You'll need to talk to the building department at the city or county. They can tell you what is legal to build and what is not. They may also be able to answer questions about a well on the property if there are records of it.

As @Account Closed said, you'll need to talk to city/county officials. Some will have lists online that tell you what the zoning means - A4 undeveloped could mean you have lots of flexibility or can't do much. You'll only know by talking with the governing city/county/parish.  A quick google search might help too.

Also, if there is an easement for the well that's not necessarily fishy, though I've never seen one for a well unless maybe it was a historic landmark.  More often I've seen utility easements such as power lines at the back of your property so they have the right to access a strip of your land at will. Or one large parcel of land with the original owner retaining access to the pond for fishing. These kinds of things should be well defined and documented at your local land records office (many counties are now putting this online).  Hope this helps

If your Realtor is no help, then please find another Realtor! I was a Realtor for years and there are great ones out there. If no one will work with you, then it may be because this isn't a deal they think will go through (i.e. they fear not getting paid).  But you haven't given us enough info to draw that conclusion. Recommend looking for a CCIM. Even if you signed an agreement with your current Realtor, if they aren't helping (and you're doing everything you should be as a client) then please do end things on good terms and move on.

Lastly, Dauphin - that's Hershey, right? My family is from Wilkes-Barre so we used to love going down there. I hope you find something nice

I would start with the municipality. They will have a zoning code book that will define the permitted uses for the property. I would also consult with the borough manager and ask if. There would be support for the development and if he/she can foresee any persons or entities that would try to block the development. Also, if there is support from the council, you should have no problem getting the property re-zoned.

Thank you all for your advise. Always appreciate them. I passed on this deal.

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