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I have a four-plex downtown in SLC with enough land to build a second four-plex.  I want to create a separate legal description for the extra land to put a new four-plex on.  Does anyone have any experience with this they could share with me?



That weighs heavily on jurisdictional requirements. 

In short, where I am we simply have to ensure zoning is acceptable, have a surveyor do lot line adjustments and submit new plat for approval. BUT - if re-plat is greater than 4 Finish parcels, this adds more level of bureaucratic red tape involving planning and zoning commissions PLUS the city council.   

I would contact a surveyor and explain the situation, providing him the current site conditions and your end game. If they are knowledgeable about the area they should be able to get you dialid in. 

I would recommend you speak with a civil engineer or someone with knowledge of splitting land, etc. As was mentioned above, each area has their own laws and processes for doing such business, and finding someone that knows those things in your specific location is the way to go. 

Great advice Rob, Thank you!


I'm in Sandy and do entitlements for a developer all day long.  Depending on what city you are within Salt Lake County, go see that jurisdiction and ask planning and zoning your question.  All the folks I've worked there are very helpful since they are more service oriented than anything else.  They are there to answer questions and help you through the process.  Follow their course of action.  Ask for a copy of the ordinance or where to find it and then read that like your bible.  Meet all of those demands and then go back to the city for approval, as outlined earlier.  You will need to upfront some funds out of pocket to satisfy their demands.  Keep your receipts and use the same bank account so you can show proof that you've paid them so they can count as a cash injected into your new project, or down payment for for your lender.  I finance the projects I do so this is why I tell you this.  Any questions, you can always hit me up. csmed at lendinguy dot com 

Everything @Rob Harris said is spot on as far as I know based on my experience. I recently bought two lots and divided it into 4 separate lots. I could have probably got more than four out of it but if I did anything greater than four I would have to make it a subdivision. I simply had a surveyor come and re survey and divide the land, I then recorded it at the court house. Of course every city is different as far as the rules.

5 lots or more in most jurisdictions = subdivision map act... 

short plats are generally 4 lots or less.. much eaiser

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