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Hi guys, currently I am working full time on developing a mixed (commercial and residential) building located on a nice property down-town in San José, Costa Rica that I owned. I plan to sell some units and rent the rest (about 50-50).

I have designed several projects for clients but never something like this, newbie here. 

Right now I am on an early stage of defining the Concept or Basic Design, I have no problem at all with the arquitectural and engineering side of the Design but I have absolutely no clue about how to define the number of rooms, size of each unit, final user market sector and related subjects, so I would love to hear from a savvy developer about some general rules of thumb and methods to approach this issue. 

I know there is nothing worse than a general question but at this point I am really interested in just listening to your advice and general guidance, or reference to a nice web site or book about it. I will get more specific in time, you´ll see...

Thanks in advance.

Been to San Jose, CR ,,,,,, COOL SPOT

I'll think a bit more on what I could contribute (but honestly even with your very general question) my first BIG question before getting to the design and construction part of it is, "have you conducted an exhaustive needs assessment" to see what is actually what's needed as compared to what YOU want to build...?

Lastly, From what I understand is that 'things' move VERY slow in CR,, trying to get permits and all the legal requirements meet even before you do can break ground. My research has shown a LOT of developers from our of the country, not accustomed to these extended time lines have gone broke do to substantial carrying costs..... If you are local or at least KNOW somebody high enough in the food chain,,, you definitely need to make sure you build a very generous Calypso reserve into your project... Just my extra two cents..,.

Hi Rob,

I have not conducted the needs assessment in a thorough way, at this stage I am just interviewing especialists to define the scope of that analysis. I know it is quite important but I haven't actually seen one so I don't really know what should the content be, if you can point me towards a reference that would be great. 

There is an important development of the Government nearby that will generate a good amount of employment, I am pretty confident the gross concept would no vary much from the first sketch I mentioned before, we'll see.

I know hoy slow things are down here, my firm has developed several hydro power plants, which require all the permits you can imagine. Doing this building looks rather simple in comparison. I know people in the institutions and I know well the procedures.

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