Could I build a 500 sqft basic dwelling for $50k?

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If in the mountains and one room block is a good option. Wouldn't be a perfect circle but you could get close. I think you could build that if no utilities and just a box with a metal roof for like 10k maybe less.

Hard to say not knowing so many specifics, but could be done in my market outside the city limits.  I built a 1000 SF cabin for $55k in 2011.   I GC'ed, but did no actual construction work.  

@Derek Bernhard

If you visit the slums in Kenya, they can prove that a 500 sq ft house can be built for less than $50. I wouldn't put it past some of us Americans who could spend 250k on the same size place. Just depends on weather you want it made outa sticks and mud, our build the whole thing outa custom cut granite blocks...  

Could be as cheap or as expensive as you want