Need help reg house hack in Round rock area

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I am looking at a multi-gen house in the area which has two kitchens and living rooms. I was planning to make a 2nd entrance and close and rent out the 1 bd,living-kitchen part.

But, i came to know that city of RR wont give permit to create the 2nd entrance to house. Wondering if i create one, will there be any issues?

@Taranjeet Birgi What do you mean they won't let you make a second entrance? Are you talking about just an entrance or will they not let you add another driveway?

if we have a could be a seperate unit altogether..........wondering if we can do it later and will there be any issues(legal)? 

Is it because they don't want you to turn it into a multi-family? if so, that would make sense due to zoning.

@Jeremy VanDelinder could be...builder is telling RR city  don't want extra parking on road so they are not allowed, however in other areas they have doors in this plan.................but once we close on the house..... if we change that window to a door, will that cause any issues?........sorry if its a stupid question ,im new to this...

Check and specify which kind of issue this is coming from. Is it the HOA? Is it the city? Is it the builder? (Builders don't have dictation after house is sold I'm sure) but if you have an HOA and they say no (for whatever reason) then yes you will run into fines and probably legal issues to have it removed if you don't comply. If it's the city, what's their reason? They won't allow a building permit? Sometimes the city can be negotiated with to make ends meet. My opinion honestly is that if your in a single family neighborhood and you try to turn it more Into a duplex the neighborhood HOA won't allow it and to have two separate units in one building you'd probably need to knock out walls and add a divider in the middle for privacy, which is going to cost you more money. It might be better to just rent it at extra cost due to the extra space available to renters.

I dont think its from builder as he is giving door in other areas(leander,georgetown) for this its from The city only.....As this is a multi-gen home (already the separation is there(bedroom 2 and kitchenette is separate here), just need to close a door @ entrance).

little confused :-

1. Can hoa object if i rent out a unit of my house?

2. reg Zoning, the area has single family homes would be mine...only thing is i separated that unit and rented out.

Please suggest if this wont work.....planning for this multi-gen only because of  having a rent out unit. Thanks!!

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