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Hey Everyone, 

I've been googling to try and learn more about RED, the permitting process, and all things related to getting land to a state for development, but have found a lot of the resources lean heavily to more traditional strategies (eg. rental properties, fix and flips).  

Which leads to my question: What are the best online blogs/resources on real estate development that you've come across? 



Sorry.  I only read the official BP blog.  But maybe someone else will answer when I bump this thread up again.  Good luck!

Hi Drew: 

You and I have communicated directly via DM, but I thought I might add an answer to your question above.

First, read through this thread we created on the RED process

This thread walks you through the entire front end of the RED (the rest will come as the project develops further). From you other posts, I understand you are working on your parents site, which can/may be a land development opportunity. The info on this thread about zoning research, and hiring a design team are discussed. I will caveat, that the RED process can be exceptionally complex, particularly in the Bay Area, where the growth politics are the most difficult you will ever encounter.

Second, take a look at our BP blog:

This has a number of articles on the basics, as well as, more complex subjects such as proforma modeling and project financial underwriting.

Third, here is a more general RED topics Q/A we created:

This has some land development Q/A in it, that may be of help in your situation. 

Feel free to reach out, as always I am an offer of help. By way of background, our company has developed over $900M dollars worth of development projects, including numerous major land development deals. Our last large land deal, we entitled land for 453 apartment units in Westminster, CO. The project was then joint ventured with Lennar's Multi-Family Communities Investment division. I have personally been in RED development since 1983 and my family in RED since 1960.

Take care.

Urban Land Institute has tons on development

Good luck!

Much appreciated everyone. Yeah, I feel BP is the best resource I've found so far (thanks for those links @Scott Choppin , I've read through most of those posts they're excellent, some of the best resources from anywhere on the web). 

Just seems odd there aren't other quality sites/resources. I'll check out @Marshall Downs thanks!

A very good quality textbook I've read is Real Estate Development: Principles and Process, by Alexander Garvin and Mike E. Miles

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